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Beijing Transcend Vivoscope

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Company Overview

The primary technical capacity of Transcend Vivoscope comes from a multidisciplinary team from Peking University. The company uses new devices, principles, and technologies to develop and produce high-speed, high-resolution, and large FoV miniaturized two-photon microscopes. The company has closely integrated with domestic biomedical and clinical research to develop new imaging methods for three-dimensional cell biology, neuroscience, developmental biology, and clinical medicine, and other fields to provide better in-vivo high-resolution visualization tools for biological research.

The company’s core product is an ultra spatiotemporal resolution miniaturized two-photon fluorescence microscope, the first in the world capable of observing the dynamic brain nerve activity of moving animals. By studying the dynamic signals of the dozens of neurons and thousands of synapses in mice, the microscope will help the “China Brain Project” develop new core tools to reveal the functioning of the brain’s thinking process and help the world better understand how the human mind works. 

The ultra spatiotemporal resolution miniaturized two-photon fluorescence microscope was first introduced in Nature Methods in July 2017, with relevant technical documents also published in Protocol Exchange. The technology has been used to apply for 6 national invention patents and 1 international invention patent. The company has been recognized through awards such as the “China’s Top Ten Scientific Advances in 2017”, “China's Top Ten Medical Science and Technology News in 2017”, “China’s Top Ten Life Science Innovations in 2017”, “China’s Top Ten Optical Innovations in 2017”, and others. Another of the company’s R&D projects, an ultra-resolution miniaturized microscope, was awarded the “China’s Top Ten Optical Innovations of 2018 (Applied Research)” in 2019.