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High Performance POCT Breath analysis for Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring

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Project Overview

The breath that people exhale contains hundreds of volatile inorganic and organic compounds (VICs and VOCs). Most of these VICs and VOCs are metabolites, which can reflect people's physiological conditions. Unlike blood-based and other analysis methods, breath samples can be collected non-invasively, continuously and unlimitedly. Therefore, breath analysis is a promising non-invasive method to continuously monitor the patient's disease status. Currently, the market size has reached more than 10 billion US dollars. However, at present, most breath analyzers are located in central laboratories, and there are no POC high-resolution breath analyzers used in clinics.

In this project, based on the world’s leading 2-dimensional gas chromatography technology, the team develops a portable point-of-care breath analysis system for fast, convenient non-invasive diagnosis of diseases with exhaled breath of patients, which can

(1) separate close to 100 different types of gas from exhaled breath,

(2) provide results and diagnosis within 30 minutes for point-of-care applications,

(3)diagnose diseases, such as ARDS, with high sensitivity and specificity.

This technology can be used for early diagnostics of various diseases such as respiratory tract, digestive tract and metabolic diseases. It has huge medical benefits including increase in cure rate and decrease in patient suffering and medical costs.

A startup company, ChromX Health, has been established to bring the device to market in 2021. During the same year,  ChromX successfully raised tens of millions Angel + round funding from Zhen Fund and Country Garden venture capital. 


Spin-out: ChromX Health

Founded in 2021, ChromX Health is a smart health technology company built around an independently developed smart breath analysis platform to achieve accurate and rapid diagnosis, early screening, disease monitoring and tracking, and chronic disease management. The ChromX Health Smart Platform replaces conventional single-molecule breath testing with multi-molecule full spectrum analysis. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the platform is capable of detecting and screening multiple diseases with higher accuracy and a wider range of applications.


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