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Wearable sweat biomarker sensors and platform to enhance human health and performance

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Project Overview

Real-time continuous monitor of human physiology is key for smart healthcare. This project develops wearable sweat biomarker sensors and platform, which monitors body temperature and activity, as well as several biomarkers in sweat. Eight sweat sensors are developed in this project, including sweat rate for early detection of neurotoxicity, pH for general metabolism, sodium and potassium for dehydration, calcium for fatigue and kidney health, ammonia for liver health and creatinine for kidney health among other indications. Market size is expected to exceed 1.6 billion US dollars by 2025. 

The sensors developed in this project are based on the leading organic electrochemical transistor technology. They have the following advantages:

•    Wide measurement range and high sensitivity. World-leading high selectivity ammonia and creatinine sensors.
•    Low cost, low working voltage and low power consumption, as well as high flexibility and biocompatibility. 
•    Reducing the scale of sensing elements to <100 um greatly improves the sensing response and batch production controls.
•    The flexible sweat sensor patch multiplexes a variety of ion sensors and a microfluidic sweat rate sensor. The patch transfers data wirelessly to a phone app  

The final version of the system has been completed and will be tested for on-body sweat monitoring during running exercises. Further development, pilot production and human trials are on the way. 



Keene, Scott T., et al. "Wearable organic electrochemical transistor patch for multiplexed sensing of calcium and ammonium ions from human perspiration." Advanced healthcare materials 8.24(2019): 1901321.