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Flexible electronic skin for robotic haptic sensing

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Project Overview

Electronic skin is a flexible and ductile film system which can simulate the perception of human skin. It can be applied to places like robot fingers or robot arms, empowering the ability of complex tactile perception and precise grip control, so as to achieve intelligent human-computer and machine-environment interaction. This technology has been used for biomedical and logistics applications and has a billion dollar global market.

In this project, a world-class team develops unique shear sensors and dynamic sensors to detect high-frequency signal of transverse and longitudinal pressure changes. By integrating multiple flexible sensing technologies and control algorithm on a flexible film system, the sensor network, i.e., the electronic skin, could achieve simultaneous acquisition of complex tactile information (pressure, temperature, hardness, thermal conductivity) and in-situ feedback of gripping. In addition, the electronic skin has on-board signal preprocessing and transmission capabilities, which can greatly improve the tactile sensing capabilities of the intelligent robot.


This technology has been commercialized through TACHIN Technology (Beijing). 


Spin-out: Tachin-Tech

Founded in early 2020, Tachin-Tech is an innovative high-tech company focused on the R&D and production of flexible electronic skins (flexible haptic chips) . The technology is jointly developed by the world’s top materials, electronics, and robotics laboratories with high technical barriers to entry. Potential applications include robotics, smart driving, smart mobile terminals, IoT, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and other areas.


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