HiNa Battery is a high-tech company focused on the R&D and production of next-generation sodium-ion battery (SIB) energy storage systems. The company has a cutting-edge global technical team and an R&D team led by Dr. Liquan CHEN from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr.Yongsheng HU. The company own several core SIB patents, making it one of the few battery companies in the world with core patents and technologies of SIBs. HiNa Battery focuses on low-cost, long-life, high-safety, and high-energy-density SIB products with potential applications of low-speed electric vehicles, large-scale energy storage, electric vehicles, national security, and other fields. The company is capable of supplying anode materials, cathode materials, and electrolytes for SIBs. With over 30 years of lithium-ion battery research experience from the Institute of Physics, the R&D team led by Dr. Yongsheng HU has been researching and developing low-cost, safe, environment-friendly high performance SIB technologies since 2011. The company’s battery system uses resource-rich sodium as its active component. Its anode and cathode materials are made from low-cost sodium copper iron-manganese oxide and anthracite-based soft carbon respectively, providing clear advantages in terms of cost. After 10 years of hard work, the R&D team led by Researcher HU Yongsheng has made significant breakthroughs. At present, the team has realized SIBs with an energy density of 145Wh/kg, representing a threefold increase over lead-acid batteries. Its low-cost SIBs are expected to find applications in low-speed electric vehicles, electric boats, home energy storage, grid energy storage, and other fields.

With the SIB technologies developed by the Institute of Physics, HiNa Battery was established in 2017 as the first Chinese company with a focus on the development and manufacturing of SIBs. The company has steadily accelerated the commercialization of SIBs from the fundamental research of electrode materials to manufacturing, materials to batteries, single cells to battery modules, and battery components to low-speed electric vehicles. The first SIB low-speed electric vehicle was launched in 2018, and the first SIB power station was deployed in 2019.

0.5 kWh Electric Bicycle

5 kWh Hone Energy Storage Cabinet

The world's first low-speed electric car with sodium ion battery (5.5 kWh)

10 kWh Park Scenic Sightseeing Car

The world's first 100kWh-class sodium-ion battery energy storage power station