Each professional program includes three modules: Basic Professional Theory, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Methods, and Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The content of the Basic Professional Theory courses varies with the student discipline, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Methods courses are all the same, and the Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses are carried out by establishing an interdisciplinary team in accordance with the needs of the project.

2.1 Basic Professional Theory

Made up of compulsory and optional courses, the module primarily teaches the basic theories and methods of relevant disciplines, and has been jointly designed by partner universities and the research institutes.

2.2 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Methods

The courses of this module are mandatory for all disciplines. The module was designed by the institute to teach methods and skills for identifying problems and integrating knowledge, and consists of three courses:

Product Management and Design: Teaches the fundamental principals and methods of product management and design to improve the product planning and implementation capacity of students.

Technical Analysis: Systematically introduces the latest representative technical achievements in various fields, analyzes the characteristics of and application potential of each achievement, and opens up technical horizons.

Business Model Innovation: Teaches the fundamental principles of business models and methods of technology commercialization such as project management, investment management, and project planning.

2.3 Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The courses of this module are mandatory for all disciplines. The module conducts scientific research and entrepreneurship training based on real institute projects to improve the practical skills of students, and consists of the following:

Planning-Every student shall participate in the evaluation and demonstration of institute research or entrepreneurship projects, or independently propose topics and carry out demonstrations.

Realization- Every student shall independently establish a project to carry out scientific research or entrepreneurship training (or participate in an institute research or entrepreneurial team) to undertake specific professional tasks with a certain level of difficulty.