Beijing Ferrymed has established a strong technical team through close R&D partnerships with renowned universities and hospitals, such as Peking University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Peking University Third Hospital. With unique advantages in the fields of ultrasound imaging and therapy, the company has leveraged its partnerships with the Peking University College of Engineering, Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Peking University Third Hospital in biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, and ultrasound diagnosis to successfully develop ultrasound contrast agent with independent national intellectual property rights. It’s a significant step in breaking foreign monopolies, leading the future development of ultrasound diagnosis and therapy, and solving major national needs. The company is dedicated to the R&D of ultrasound imaging and therapy systems, optical imaging and therapy systems, ultrasound contrast agents, fluorescent probes, ultrasound therapeutic compounds (ultrasound sensitizers), and optical therapeutic compounds (photosensitizing agents).