Why collaborating with BICI?

As a global leading innovation hub , BICI has

  • access to a large pool of funds for research teams and startups

  • well-established collaboration with many universities and research institutes globally

  • strong connections with many industrial partners especially in the Chinese market

BICI can

  • fund for your research

  • provide you with extensive market analysis

  • commercialize your technology by forming a startup company or joint venture

  • help you find research/business partners in both academia and industry

  • provide resources for technology validation, product prototyping, pilot test, and getting user feedback

  • help you find supply chain and customers

  • provide support in securing further investments for your company


Ways for collaboration

BICI can collaborate with you in different ways depending on the readiness level of your technology.

  • If you need more resources to bring your technology to market --> BICI can fund your research

  • If your technology is ready for market --> BICI can help you form a startup company to commercialize your technology

  • If you are already a startup company --> BICI can form a joint venture in China with you to expand your market coverage


Project selection criteria

  • Research area

    • In compliance with the key focus areas of BICI (see the table below)

  • Strength of innovation

    • Strong technical advantage over current industry standards and competitors (supported by solid preliminary data or prototype)

    • High technology barrier

    • Patentable

  • Commercial potential

    • Feasibility to translate invention into a product or service

    • Addressing an unmet market need

    • Clear market, large customer base

    • No foreseeable obstacle in scale-up production

  • Project teams

    • Strong expertise and track record in proposed field of research

    • Clear project goal with realistic approaches for translation