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The Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) is a non-profit innovation platform jointly established by Peking University, Tsinghua University, and 11 other universities in 2014, committed to building a global collaborative innovation system, transforming university fundamental scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces, and serving the sustainable development of mankind.

Building an innovation model for the integration of research, technology and industry: By focusing on key areas such as intelligent manufacturing, optoelectronics, materials, medical devices, biomedicine, and environmental engineering, BICI supports world-class universities in the R&D of cutting-edge technologies, cultivates engineering teams, accelerates the transformation from cutting-edge R&D to engineering technologies, and implements the commercialization of research results through technology-based JV formation and intellectual property assignment or licensing.

Specialized training of high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents: BICI collaborates with world-class universities to train graduate students in innovation and entrepreneurship. By studying foundational theory courses at partner universities, taking innovation and entrepreneurship courses and accepting practical training by working on real-world projects at BICI, students are trained to become comprehensive talents with combined knowledge and hands-on experience.

Establishment of a market-oriented financing system: BICI has established the world’s first intellectual property fund to facilitate the R&D of technology and an accelerator fund to support the commercialization of research results, realizing market-oriented allocation of resources and accelerating the integration of technology and economy.

At present, BICI has established official partnerships with more than 20 top universities worldwide, implements approximately 50 world-class research projects every year, and trains close to 200 graduate students annually. BICI has become a communal innovation and entrepreneurial base for a number of world-renowned universities.